Shunting Vehicle for Warsteiner Brewery

Warstein, 01.02.2017 – WINDHOFF Bahn- und Anlagentechnik delivered a battery-powered shunting vehicle TeleTrac RW60AEM to Warsteiner Brewery in Warstein, Sauerland. The new shunter will be used on the company’s siding and at the container terminal. In the afternoon, two 80-ton mobile cranes placed the shunter onto the local rail siding.
So far, a big Diesel locomotive was used for the various shunting tasks. From now on, railway traffic at Warstein will be quieter and emission-free, above all. The brewery thus follows the general trend for sustainability in the energy sector through the use of electric power also for heavy-duty working vehicles.
The new WINDHOFF shunter RW60AEM with its 34 ton service weight generates a towing force of ca. 1,000 tons, sufficient for the handling of trains with 12 container wagons. The on-board battery weighs in at 2.5 tons and provides ample energy for several working days. Battery charging is effected via cable from any 400V mains outlet, and there is no further need for a Diesel fuel station with the many stringent requirements for environmental protection. Six Warsteiner staff have been trained as BOA shunter operators. The highly efficient RW60AEM will be used in 3-shift operations, arranging Warsteiner containers for world-wide shipping.
WINDHOFF is well placed in the field of shunting vehicles. The range of shunters comprises track-bound units powered by battery or via drag line, Diesel-powered units as well as 2-way, viz. road-rail vehicles, for depots or loading facilities.