Last Friday (06.07.2018), more than 100 WINDHOFF colleagues had a nice company barbeque. Beside that they had the chance to experience one of the new Fire-Fighting and Rescue Trains (LRZ18) for the Swiss Bundesbahn (SBB) in action and to inform themselves of the outcome of their work during a tour on the train consist. The LRZ is part of a series of train associations that have been manufactured by WINDHOFF in recent years for the SBB. Each train consists of a rescue vehicle, a equipment vehicle and a fire-fighting car. The fire-fighting car has a water reservoir of about 45.000 l water. Many colleagues took opportunity to test the fire-fighting units. The rescue car can evacuate up to 70 people in emergency. Besides fire-fighting these trains are used for towing of damaged trains in Switzerland. All WINDHOFF colleagues agreed that this action was a full success.